Ontario Institute for the Study of Education

  • Excellence in Educational Leadership

    This award recognizes faculty members who have made sustained contributions to the advancement of teaching, broadly conceived, and to educational change and innovation within and beyond the Institute. Nominations will be assessed based on demonstrated ability to impact student learning by leading major initiatives that promote effective teaching, foster curricular innovation and pedagogical/professional development, shape education policy […]

  • Distinguished Contributions to Teaching

    The Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching recognizes OISE’s inspiring educators who have continually demonstrated deep commitment to excellence in teaching, and have made outstanding contributions to teaching. Nominations will be assessed on the basis of evidence of distinguished contributions to teaching in one or more of the following areas:

  • Excellence in Initial Teacher Education

    The Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education recognizes outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in teacher education programs at OISE impacting the development of the next generation of excellent teachers. Nominees’ contributions will be assessed based on demonstrated impact on teacher candidates and the ability to foster enriching teaching and learning experience, as well […]

  • David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Education

    This award was created as a tribute to Professor David Hunt on the occasion of his retirement from OISE, to honor his 50 years of university teaching, and in recognition of his exceptional contributions to graduate teaching. The award recognizes faculty members for sustained contributions to teaching, supervision and mentorship of students in graduate education […]