Institutional Pedagogical Grant

  • Graduate Education Innovation Fund

    The Graduate Education Innovation Fund (GEIF) contributes to the mission of School of Graduate Studies, by fostering excellence in graduate education, including an exceptional student experience. The purpose the GEIF is to enrich the learning experience of graduate students in both our research-based and professional degree programmes, by supporting projects within and across academic divisions and units, that create […]

  • International Student Experience Fund
  • Undergraduate Course Development Fund

    The Undergraduate Course Development Fund (UCDF) fosters ongoing, mutually beneficial teaching relationships between graduate-only divisions and units and divisions that offer undergraduate degree programs. Undergraduate divisions benefit from the inclusion of leading-edge researchers into their teaching cadre, and participating faculty and their graduate divisions benefit from exposure to a broad undergraduate population. UCDF funding is […]

  • Online Undergraduate Course Initiative

    The Online Undergraduate Course Initiative (OUCI) provides funding to support instructors in the development of fully online or hybrid undergraduate courses. The program aims to increase the range of online learning opportunities at the University of Toronto while building capacity for innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Instructional Technology Innovation Fund

    The Provost’s Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF) is a seed fund designed to catalyze initiatives that immediately and directly impact U of T’s education and teaching programs through innovation and development. ITIF is focused specifically on the practical applications of technology in design, implementation, evaluation, curriculum renewal, faculty development or continuing education initiatives that enrich learning. ITIF is […]

  • Learning & Education Advancement Fund (LEAF)

    The Learning & Education Advancement Fund (LEAF) program enriches the learning experience of undergraduate students in first-entry divisions across the University. It also provides academic units with a mechanism for developing and enhancing the research, assessment and application of high-impact teaching practices within learning environments at U of T. LEAF is intended to support projects that will […]