Data Driven Design: Quercus Analytics (D3: QA) Application Form

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D3 Application Form

INTRODUCTION - D3:QA 2021-22 Program Application:

The Data-Driven Design: Quercus Analytics (D3:QA) initiative examines opportunities provided by the Quercus Analytics module and related services. The primary goal will be to provide support to instructors to use student data to make course redesign decisions aimed at enhancing instruction and learner experience. Instructors involved in this project will participate in a peer network that facilitates capacity development with regards to extracting (data exports and log files) and making meaning (assessing and applying data) of Quercus analytics. The network will also support instructors to modify their course design decision informed by the available data, implement the redesigned courses, and reflect on and revise their course redesign decisions after the initial implementation. For full program details and evaluation criteria, please visit the D3:QA page linked above.


Before continuing with the application, I confirm that I have a continuing appointment or CLTA through to end of Fall term 2022; I have a course on offer for the Winter 2022 term identified for the D3:QA program activity; and I can commit to attending three quarterly synchronous workshops and one orientation session.

General Information

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Course Information

Please provide information regarding course proposed for D3QA 2021-22 initiative.
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Project Description

In no more than 300 words please describe your interest in participating in the D3:QA 2021-22 program. Please include: Purpose of the investigation; specific course (re)design objectives or instructional goal; use of data analysis to inform design; Significance and impact the study may have on student learning; Transferability to other course and discipline contexts; Previous experience in SoTL / faculty engagement
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