Data-Driven Design: Quercus Record Store  2023-24 Application Form

Data-Driven Design: Quercus Record Store, 2023-24

The Data-Driven Design: Quercus Record Store (D3:QRS) initiative will allow instructors to explore the newly developed University of Toronto learning analytics dashboard using data accessed through a new Quercus Record Store (QRS) infrastructure. The 2023-2024 program will pilot the new dashboard, providing access to detailed reports of student activity in Quercus to inform course design decisions. Successful applicants will work collaboratively over a six-month period starting in Fall 2023, advancing inquiry questions to test the practical use of the new tools in an authentic course teaching context and provide feedback to the development team. A final report and community sharing event will conclude the program in winter 2023. An honorarium of $1,000 will be made available to successful applicants.


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Please provide information regarding course proposed for D3:QRS initiative for 2023-24.
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Please include: 1) Areas of interest for inquiry or exploration of learner activity data to inform course design. 2) Transferability to other course and discipline contexts. 3) Previous experience in SoTL / faculty engagement