Institutional Supports

The University of Toronto is committed to creating a culture that values and supports teaching and learning across all divisions.

Our teaching culture is derived from leadership and engagement at both local and institutional levels, creating a diverse ecology of teaching supports across all three campuses. We also recognize that the breadth and diversity of these supports can be difficult to navigate. Below, you can explore institutional resources and partner offices, and learn how they provide support for undergraduate education; the specific types of questions these offices field; and their connections with our office and other teaching supports.

Professor Ahmed Allahwala with three students in a seminar, University of Toronto Scarborough

Pedagogical Supports

There is a wide variety of Tri-Campus institutional pedagogical supports, ranging from exploring new pedagogical approaches, developing teaching dossiers, shifting courses or programs into online and hybrid models, and ensuring academic experiences are equitably and accessibly designed.

lobby of the Bahen Centre for Information Technology

Operational Supports

The support and advancement of undergraduate education requires a complex network of operational supports to implement strategic initiatives across the University. 

staff member at her computer

Administrative & Policy Supports

The decentralized and collaborative structure of the University of Toronto means that there is a wide variety of administrative and policy processes in place to support divisions, faculty, staff and students.

Photo credits: Ken Jones and Daria Perevezentsev.