Plagiarism Detection Tool (PDT)

The University‚Äôs current contract with Turnitin ends in 2021, and an RFP was required for any new contract for a plagiarism detection tool (PDT). While that process is ongoing, a revision has been made to the syllabus language required with the use of the University’s PDT.

For several years Turnitin has been integrated into Quercus such that all interaction with the system takes place through the Quercus interface.  If a change is made to the backend system (Turnitin), it will not affect the instructor or student experience or workflow because the Quercus interface will remain the same. 

However, in anticipation of any possible changes in technology that might occur, Academic and Collaborative Technology (ACT) has updated both the supporting documentation and the notification that must be placed in a syllabus by any instructor who wishes to use the plagiarism detection tool. The slight revision to the notice makes it more generic and usable regardless of the outcome of the RFP process. 

For more information on plagiarism detection at U of T, including the updated text of the syllabus text (section 1.2 of the following link), please visit the PDT FAQ web resource at

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