Interdisciplinary curriculum alignment and pedagogical collaboration through communities of practice and learning

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Alignment and Pedagogical Collaboration Through Communities of Practice and Learning


The Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (MCS) is comprised of three related disciplines: Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. Each discipline has recently begun extensive curriculum mapping and renewal initiatives, creating a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. Our project will drive the creation of new interdisciplinary courses and programs which align with well-integrated curriculum maps and modern career paths. 

Our project has three core components: 

  1. Creation of a Community of Practice and Learning (CoPL) in MCS focused on interdisciplinary curriculum alignment and collaboration on pedagogical innovation. We will leverage our deep pool of existing expertise in MCS by engaging a wide group of faculty to: (a) Spread innovative and high-impact pedagogical practices throughout our curricula via interdisciplinary working groups. (b) Implement proposals for curriculum changes flowing from our curriculum renewal initiatives by creating and directly supporting interdisciplinary course redesign teams. 
  2. Creation of a Model for interdisciplinary curriculum mapping and communities of practice and learning: The processes used and lessons learned in our curricula alignment work and CoPL will be documented and analyzed. This will be used to create a Model which can be used by other interdisciplinary groups at UofT. 
  3. Creation of a UTM-wide CoPL: We will work with the Curriculum Mapping Initiative (CMI) at UTM, as well as other academic units, and the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (RGASC) to start a campus-level CoPL modelled on the MCS CoPL. 


Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences,

University of Toronto Mississauga

Project lead(s)

Professor Alex Rennet;

Professor Bogdan Simion;

Professor Konstantin Khanin;

Professor Andrew Petersen;

Professor Maria Wesslen;

Professor Alvaro Nosedal-Sanchez;

Professor Jacopo De Simoi;

Professor Tyler Holden

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Curriculum Design


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