Strategic Priorities

Our office is invested in developing, assessing and supporting impactful, evidence-based, and technology-enabled teaching and learning initiatives across the University of Toronto.

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From integrating community-engaged learning into course design to building data analytic dashboards, our office leads and facilitates a wide variety of projects that support our strategic priorities. These initiatives are vital to our mandate of enhancing the undergraduate student experience.

Photo by James Poremba

Our Mandate

To support innovations in undergraduate education across the University, the VPIUE supports a robust profile related to four key pillars: Experiential Learning, Learning Systems, Curriculum Development, and Digital Learning. In each of these priority areas, the VPIUE supports a range of programs, projects and committees that advance these areas in unique, but interrelated ways. Below you can explore current and past projects, resources and research, and further information aligned with our current priorities.

Current Priorities


Whether you’re a faculty or staff member looking to develop a high-impact project; a future student eager to hear about how technology is used in the classroom; or a community organization looking to partner with U of T, contact us at to identify supports for teaching and learning initiatives.