Curriculum Development

Curriculum development, or renewal, refers to an initiative undertaken by a Faculty or unit that seeks to explore, analyze and/or improve some element of a program’s curriculum. 

An initiative might involve review of an entire program, a collection of courses, span across multiple programs, or perhaps the whole Faculty. 

Regardless of how a unit comes to curriculum development, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a fixed process that must be followed, step by step, in its entirety for a project to be successful. 

Units can explore this site to determine an appropriate process by identifying milestone activities within each of three broad stages of curriculum development, as outlined in this diagram. 

Many milestone activities are aligned with the University of Toronto’s Quality Assurance Process, and there are specific points where it will be particularly helpful to engage with resources and support from the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs in the areas of academic change and program review.  

Where relevant, those opportunities are noted alongside a description of each milestone and the support available from the VPIUE Office. Below, find out more about the milestones of curriculum development and the support available to units. 

Curriculum renewal model

Curriculum Renewal Process

Learn more about each milestone and associated supports.  

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