Explore the key milestones and processes associated with visioning.

The preparation milestone is focused on determining the overarching goals for the development project, in addition to establishing a general approach for the process, including who will be involved. Determining the overall scale and scope at the beginning of the process will help ensure all involved have a realistic sense of how the work will proceed.  

Supports the VPIUE Office can provide:

  • Consultation with unit/program leader to help develop plan/process 
  • Guidance on preliminary evidence gathering 
  • Guidance on establishment of curriculum committee (who to involve, estimated workloads, timelines, etc.) 

Early in the development process, it is useful to bring faculty and staff together to discuss the overall values of the program, the purpose of the program, the key approaches to teaching and learning, and generally find common ground about what a program is intended to do for students. 

Supports the VPIUE Office can provide:

  • Consultation with unit/program leader to determine goals / priorities / timelines 
  • Development of visioning process / retreat agenda 
  • Retreat facilitation 

The work put into establishing the vision of the program should help provide direction for creating program-level learning outcomes (PLOs). PLOs are the knowledge, skills and attitudes/ values that students are expected to attain by the end of a program of study, and they communicate what is essential, intentional, and valued in a program. They set the stage for what students will learn and help guide decision-making about the program.  

Supports the VPIUE Office can provide:

  • Development and facilitation of PLO brainstorming workshop(s) for unit
  • Guidance on writing effective PLOs and aligning PLOs with Degree Level Expectations 
  • Review of established PLOs with suggestions for improvement 

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