The 2021 Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF) Now Open!

The 2021 Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF) is now open for applications.  Deadline for applications is November 19, 2021, 5:00pm.

About ITIF:
ITIF has three funding streams.
ITIF’s three-tiered system is intended to provide opportunities for technology-mediated teaching and learning projects that explore and implement promising practices at different stages of their development and implementation, and creates a pathway for projects from their initial inception to their full potential. Awardees have up to two years to complete their project.

Seed Funding: Maximum $2,000 with no matching requirement
Matched Funding: Maximum $5,000 with matching funds from another source
Support Stream: Apply to get access to an educational technology or instructional design specialist for up to 150 hours per year per project. This is a non-cash award, but it’s worth an equivalent of $20,000 that can be used as an in-kind contribution when applying elsewhere for funding.

For more information, please visit the ITIF website:

Let us help you with your proposal ideas.
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