U of T Joins Bay View Alliance

The OVPIUE is pleased to announce that the University of Toronto has recently been accepted as a member of the Bay View Alliance (BVA), a network of Canadian and American research universities working to address the challenges of building a culture that supports more effective teaching and enhanced student learning at institutional, divisional and department levels.  The BVA is guided by three key principles: 

  • Significant improvements in teaching and learning require a change in academic culture not simply changes in individual behavior. Strategic interventions by leaders at all levels are critical to changing academic culture in support of more effective teaching and enhanced student learning. 
  • The academic department or program is a key unit for implementing and evaluating interventions to improve the culture of teaching and learning. 
  • Working in a network of similar institutions, sharing ideas and evidence, increases the opportunity for good ideas to emerge and spread. 

The BVA achieves its mandate through a combination of Research Action Clusters and Special Projects where member universities design and implement specific interventions and compare results as a source for new insights, discoveries, and further innovation. These outputs are shared within the BVA network in order to build new knowledge about leading culture change and engage the larger higher education community with findings helping to foster cultures supporting better teaching and learning. As new opportunities emerge for members of the University community to engage with BVA initiatives, they will be shared through the OVPIUE newsletter. 

For those interested in receiving regular updates from the BVA through their list-serve, please contact vp.iue@utoronto.ca.