Eugenie Stuart Award for Best Thesis Supervisor

Division : Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation

Type : Divisional Teaching Award, Graduate Education

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Recipients will be selected by a peer review process adjudicated by the IHPME Awards Committee. Performance in the following areas of teaching/mentoring will be considered as appropriate for each award:

  • Classroom instruction (including lecturing and small-group teaching)
  • Consultation with students outside of class (including individual tutoring and advising)
  • Thesis and practicum supervision
  • Course design
  • Curriculum development
  • Production of educational material (including text books and study guides)
  • Development of programs to improve teaching
  • Research on university teaching
  • Development of innovative teaching methods; and
  • Educational planning and policy making


  1. Faculty/Preceptors/Tutors


Zoe Downie-Ross, Graduate Assistant at Institute of Health Policy, Management And Evaluation