E.A. Robinson Teaching Excellence Award for Senior Faculty

Division : University of Toronto Mississauga

Type : Divisional Teaching Award, Educational Leadership

More Information : https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/dean/awards-grants/awards-grants-faculty/teaching-excellence-awards-faculty


The Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Teaching includes lecturing, involvement in seminars and tutorials, individual and group discussions, laboratory teaching and other means by which students derive educational benefits. Teaching effectiveness is demonstrated by the degree to which the faculty member is able to stimulate and challenge the intellectual ability of students, to communicate academic material effectively and to maintain a mastery of his/her subject areas. It also involves maintaining accessibility to students and the ability to influence the intellectual and scholarly development of students.

The award recipients will receive $3000 for teaching-related initiatives/research.


  1. E.A. Robinson Teaching Excellence Award for Senior Faculty Division has been established to recognize excellence in teaching from senior Associate or full Professors (teaching and tenure stream) whose major appointment is to the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.
  2. Nominees for the E.A. Robinson award must have taught at UTM for at least 5 years and should be at least two years post-promotion.


Early Summer


Rong Wu