Writing Development Initiative

Division : University of Toronto Mississauga

Type : Divisional Pedagogical Grant, Pedagogical Grant

More Information : https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/asc/writing-development-initiative-wdi


Since the 2005-06 academic year, UTM has supported discipline-specific writing instruction through the Writing Development Initiatives (WDI) Program, which is funded through the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre. The WDI provides financial support for projects that integrate writing instruction in core courses across the curriculum. This financial support comes primarily in the former of supplements to TA funding to allow for:

  • more writing assignments;
  • more time spent giving feedback on assignments;
  • more writing instruction; and/or
  • TA training in assessing writing and teaching writing skills.

Departments and faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for projects that will help students become better writers as they work within the requirements of their discipline.


  1. Faculty with permanent positions are eligible - i.e., Assistant, Associate and Full professors, whether teaching or research stream. Sessional instructors are not eligible, unless a faculty member is willing to be the guarantor for the proposal.


Mid-April; specific dates for each year are published in the Call for Proposals on the Writing Development Initiative Program website.


Michael Kaler